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Animal Sanctuary
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The Planet Rehab Animal Sanctuary is a magical place, which over 350 Animals call their home! Many of the animals that reside at Planet Rehab are rescues. Native birds and animals, if possible, are rehabilitated and released back into the wild.

All of our animals work as Ambassadors for Planet Rehab! They are here to help the public recognize how critically endangered their environments are and, more importantly, to inspire people to work to protect what is left of nature. We believe that holding a baby bunny, taking care of an Alpaca, watching a baby bird hatch, etc. inspires us all to want to protect their habitats!

Meet our Animal Friends!

Benjy & the Goats!
We rescued Benjy, our Alpaca, in Feb 2012. Once Benjy moved to Planet Rehab he cried for 3 days! Turned out he was missing a baby goat, who was his best bud! We were lucky to work it out to rescue his best friend, Buddy, and boy were they happy to see each other!
Inspired by their friendship, Gary wrote a children's book called "Benjamin's Gift" that is now being illustrated. Gaia & Calliope, Dwarf Nigerian Goats like Buddy, joined Benjy's herd in the spring of 2012. They are one big happy family!

Kiki & Koko!
Kiki & Koko are Sun Conures. Their species comes from the Amazon Rainforests and Kiki & Koko are the official Planet Rehab Rainforest Ambassadors! Kiki came to live with us in 2011 and Koko moved to Planet Rehab in 2012.

Russell Crow
Russell came to live at Planet Rehab when he was just a little ball of feathers in April 2014. Russell had fallen out of his nest and was surrounded by hungry looking cats when he was rescued by a young man and brought to Planet Rehab. Russell has amazed us - we learned that crows are among the most intelligent animals on the planet. Russell loves to play and his favorite game is "Fetch"!

Finch Pippin
For all of his 4 inches, Pippin has a huge personality & a heart of gold! He is also fearless!
Pippin is a Zebra Finch (native to Australia) who fell out of his nest in one of our aviaries. Team member Eric Smith brought him inside to be hand fed.
We have learned a lot about Zebra Finches from Pippin - mostly how complex and loyal they are. Pippin loves baby birds!
In the pic to the left Pippin is helping us to care for Paloma (a baby dove and Pippin's best bud) and 2 baby parakeets. If they would get out of line or fly away from the feeding area, Pippin would fly to their sides and encourage them to fly back!

We have also learned that Pippin loves music! When Gary plays his guitar, Pippin immediately flies to him, perches on the guitar neck, and sings a duet with Gary. Even though Pippin lives in an aviary with other birds, he continues to be affectionate with us. Pippin will fly to the side of the aviary and give us kisses through the netting! Pippin has become an amazing friend to all and a wonderful Ambassador for the Planet!

Planet Rehab is thrilled that "Helen" joined our family in March of 2015. Helen is quite possible the largest Sulcata Tortoise in the United States and weighs more than 250 lbs!
Sulcata Tortoises hail from Africa, but the 3 that reside at Planet Rehab - Gigantaur, Tortellini and Helen, were all hatched in the US and rescued by Planet Rehab.

Planet Rehab Parakeet Encounter
After visiting the Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans, Carlo and Gary became inspired by their walk-in parakeet aviary. What impressed them was that the parakeets were eating out of the guest hands! After experiencing the magic of having these little birds, Carlo and Gary decided they would try to recreate this experience.
The Grand Opening of the Parakeet Encounter took place in June of 2014 and guests have been thrilled to participate in this unique experience! To our knowledge, our Parakeet Encounter is only the 2nd aviary in the US with this behavior!

MANDARIN LAGOON The Mandarin lagoon is home to exotic ducks, peacocks and red-eared sliders. Found in east Asia, the mandarin ducks have dramatic and showy colors. The wood ducks from North America are the only relative of the mandarins.

Sampson is a colorful Indian Blue Peacock and is now 18 years old & has lived at Planet Rehab since age two! Caesar is pure white with blue eyes - a mutation of the Indian Blue Peacock.

Butterfly Experience
In 2012 we held the Grand Opening of our Butterfly Experience - attended by more than 200 guests. The Butterfly Experience gives us the opportunity to raise awareness to the 23 species of Butterflies that are on the endangered species list. Specifically, we are able to publicize the fact that the North American Monarch populations have decreased by 96.5%!

Bunny Town
In 2010 Planet Rehab rescued some bunnies that were in danger of being destroyed. We thought that they were neutered but; alas, the bunnies made more bunnies! We now have adorable bunnies up for adoption!

Chinese Golden Pheasants
Planet Rehab has both Red Golden and Yellow Golden Pheasants and it is tough to decide which color is more beautiful! Certainly Chinese Golden Pheasants are among the most beautiful birds in the world, regardless of the color!

Patio Aviary

Rosie Burke

Chinese Golden Pheasant

Button Quail

Orange Weaver

Green Singing Finch

Diamond Dove

Zebra Dove

Cordon Bleu

Zebra Finch

Chickens are People, too!
There is a lot more to chickens than just McNuggets or scrambled eggs. The chicken coop is home to Japanese Silkies, Malaysian Serama, D'uccles including White, Millie Fleur & Black Mottled from Belgium, Phoenix and Polish chickens. Once you spend time with any of them, you too will be convinced that "chickens are people, too"!
The Polish is a European breed known for its crest of feathers that can nearly cover the entirety of the head. The crest can limit their vision and, as a result, can make them timid.
Japanese Silkies (Splash &Partridge) have funny personalities and are friendly, even with children. They make great, nurturing mothers and even the roosters are often good with chicks.
Serama bantams make excellent house pets and are one of the most popular pets in America as they are friendly, confident little birds and love to be with people.
The Phoenix is an ancient Japanese breed of chicken tracing its heritage back over at thousand years! Phoenix chickens are a high-maintenance breed and are prized for their amazing long tails, requiring special care in order to keep their tail feathers in good shape.
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