Joined the family in 2014

At only 6 weeks old, Peaches along with her brother, Patches were rescued when an abandoned building burst into flames. These two wild kittens were the only survivors of the fire. Since the incident in 2014, the two brother cats have resided at Planet Rehab. ​

Peaches is an orange tabby cat and is very sweet and affectionate. When she wants attention and pets, she will be sure to let you know! While her brother is shy and is often scouting new hiding spots, Peaches will insist on being in the middle of everything we are doing! ​ Orange tabby cats are very popular pets because of their friendly temperament. They also come in four distinct patterns: mackerel, classic, ticked, and striped. Orange tabbies also have freckles and an 'M' on their forehead. A few famous orange tabby cats include, Winston Churchill's cat Jock and, of course, Garfield.