benjy the alpaca

Joined the family in 2012

When I first moved to Planet Rehab, my rescuers forgot to bring my pal, Buddy the Goat. After one long week of sternly lecturing them (they claim I was in tears, as if!), they finally figured out what the problem was and they were able to negotiate to bring my friend Buddy to come live at Planet Rehab.

I did miss Buddy so much! I'm thankful to Planet Rehab for allowing me to remain with my best friend in the world! They were so touched by our friendship that they wrote a book about it: "Benjamin's Gift" (in production). Please help Planet Rehab keep providing me with the luxurious lifestyle that I DESERVE by donating and buying the book (when available) all about me! I have grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle and I REFUSE to go back to anything less! ​

There are only two known breeds of Alpaca; suri and huacaya. Alpacas are also the smallest member of the camel family. When angered or annoyed, Alpacas will spit at the aggressor, including at humans. They will also spit at each other to establish dominance within the herd. Alpacas also love to sun-bathe. But be warned! They will look dead as they like to lie down and stretch out their legs (see below for an example). The rest of the time, Alpacas merely roam around and graze on grass.