panama primates in peril

November 2018

On October 6th, our small band of adventurers arrived in Panama, eager to seek out the perfect locale to create the Planet Rehab Endangered Species Project.

Our goal: to protect vulnerable species that are endangered by protecting their habitats, reforesting the land and creating breeding programs to help wild populations.

We were completely blown away by the beauty of the area which is called Bocas del Toro and is located on the Caribbean Coast about 30 miles south of Costa Rica. Every vista looked like a postcard for an exotic tropical paradise. But as beautiful as it was, we soon found that there was indeed trouble in paradise.

The first Real Estate Agent we met with, Lonny, told us that the beautiful Capuchin and Howler Monkeys were being hunted by the natives for food! We simply could not believe that these gorgeous, friendly, intelligent beings were being killed and eaten by the local population! Especially considering how fertile the soil is, and how abundant the selection of fruits and vegetables!

Maybe Lonny got it wrong? But no, we were told by everyone we interacted with: Guides, Property Owners, Caretakers, Agents, etc…, that this was true.

We did find a tiny ray of hope when we met Geovanny, one of the property caretakers, who described how he had been a part of a negotiation in one specific region that created a commitment from one of the tribes to temporarily halt the hunting of monkeys.

It became apparent that the need for conservation and species protection in Panama was much greater than we knew. One such organization that we met with is doing a tremendous job of providing homes for some of the orphaned, wounded and misplaced primates: Monkey Island, which serves not only as a home for these incredible creatures, but also a resort that people can visit. Founder of Monkey Island, Francine, is eager to share her Ecolodge and her lovely Primate Friends! To learn more or to visit go to:

We are eager to put into play our outreach programs, to meet with the Native Children and provide them with interactive opportunities with these beautiful creatures, so as to develop a bond between the tribe and the animals. We are excited for the opportunity to create an Animal Sanctuary for those in need, and we are thrilled at the opportunity to bring to pass our Endangered Species Breeding Programs so we can help combat the mass extinction that our planet is experiencing! Would you like to help? You can help by donating and joining one of our volunteer opportunities. To DONATE please visit

Together We Can!