shang-hai the golden pheasant

Joined the family in 2010

Shang-hai is one of three Yellow Chinese Golden Pheasants that call Planet Rehab home. He came to Planet Rehab in 2010 and is one of our tamest pheasants and will even eat out of our hands.

During the Winter and Spring he sports magnificent plumage, but in the summer, when he is moulting, his new crest feathers resemble dread locks! He loves sunflower seeds. ​

Chinese Golden Pheasants were originally native to the base of mountains in China, near forests. Due to domestication, wild populations of Chinese Golden Pheasants can now be found all over the World. They are capable of flight, but they prefer running and staying on the ground. Their diet in the wild consists of grains, leaves, and invertebrates. At night they sleep on tree branches.