Increased levels of manufacturing and development continue to effects the biosphere and biodiversity of Earth. Similar to the issues among the Amazon, Costa Rica and its species are at great risk due to it being so vulnerable to climate change and economic disruption. Human activity contributes to global warming that allows Costa Rica to experience much more severe temperatures and weather situations than before. Addressing the issue at hand has been and will continue to be a challenge due to the majority of the population's decision to not protect their own planet.

How climate change has a relationship between species

For further validation about the argument made against climate change and its effects on biodiversity; scientists have used modeling strategies to prove an existing relationship. The use of bioclimatic models allows for the observation of organisms as a function of climate. This method uses statistics pre-established environmental factors to determine a specie's tolerance (Pearson and Dawson 2003). Furthermore, ecological forecasting uses various forms of science to estimate how ecosystems will respond to climate change.